Chapter 1: What Is Finance?

I love to teach about money because money is valuable and useful. It has become an important part of our everyday lives. Money enables us to buy goods like video games, clothes, books, and smartphones. Many people enjoy shopping. With money, you can buy many of the things you want.

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Chapter 3: How to Earn Money

People need income to obtain money. There are many forms of income. It can be received in the form of a salary. It can be earned as a profit from having a business. It can be from an investment. Or it can be a gift from friends and family. Let’s look at some different sources of income.

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Chapter 5: Introduction to Credit

C. The Not So Great Things About Credit

Even though credit benefits a lot of people, credit can also be harmful. Remember that everything you buy with credit has to be repaid with interest at some time in the future. That time in the future is specific, not just anytime you want to pay it back; there are deadlines. Not using credit correctly can cause a situation in which debts get too big and out of control.

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